The mother of the Oxford High School shooter has been found guilty of manslaughter on all counts

A Michigan jury has convicted Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of the Oxford High School shooter, of all four counts of manslaughter. The ruling comes after a two-week trial in which prosecutors testified that Crumbley ignored warning signs about her son and did not do enough to prevent the shooting that killed four students and injured seven others.


Trial details


* Evidence presented during the trial included text messages between Crumbley and her son in which they discussed buying a gun and joked about wanting to do a school shooting.


* Prosecutors also presented evidence that Crumbley ignored school warnings about her son’s disruptive behavior, including his drawing of violent acts.


* Crumbley’s lawyers argued that their client did not know that her son was planning a shooting and that she did everything in her power to prevent it, including taking him to a psychologist and purchasing a gun safe.


Reactions to the ruling


* The ruling was praised by some of the victims’ families who saw it as a measure of justice.


* Others criticized the ruling and considered it harsh on a mother who did not know her son’s true intentions.


* The ruling sparked widespread debate about the role of parents in preventing school shootings.


Next steps


*Crumpley is scheduled to be sentenced at a later date.

* Crumley’s lawyers are expected to appeal the ruling.

* This case is likely to have broad implications for issues relating to parents’ responsibility for their children’s actions.

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