Liverpool plays in front of the largest crowd at Anfield in half a century on Sunday against Manchester United

Liverpool FC is preparing to welcome the largest crowd at Anfield Stadium in half a century next Sunday in the team’s match against Manchester United in the English Premier League.


57,000 fans will be allowed to attend the match, if the tests go well and safety certificates are granted for the new stand in the stadium.


The decision to increase the capacity to 57,000 fans comes after the completion of renovation work on the main stand at Anfield, which can accommodate 7,500 fans.


Liverpool plans to open the entire new stadium at the end of next January, bringing the stadium’s full capacity to 61,000 fans.


This increase in capacity comes at a time when Liverpool continues to compete for the English Premier League title, as it occupies third place in the standings with 39 points.


The team hopes that the presence of the largest audience at Anfield in half a century will motivate the team to achieve victory over Manchester United, and enhance its chances of competing for the title.


Liverpool fans are excited to be attending the match against Manchester United, which will be their first match at full capacity Anfield in half a century.


One fan said: “I’m very excited to come to Anfield and see the team play in front of the biggest crowd in a long time. It will be a great experience.”


Another fan said: “I am sure that the players will feel the support of the great audience, and this will be an incentive for them to achieve victory.”


The match is expected to witness a large audience, as all available tickets for the match have been sold.

ahmed salem

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