Russian Space Agency: Luna-25 spacecraft sends its first results

Russian Space Agency: Luna-25 spacecraft sends its first results



The Russian space agency Roskosmos said on Saturday that the Russian spacecraft sent on a mission to the south pole of the moon has issued its first results and they are now being analyzed.


The agency also published pictures of the (Zeman) crater on the surface of the moon, taken by the spacecraft (Luna-25), which is scheduled to land on the south pole of the moon on Monday, after orbiting it for five days.


The agency stated that the Zeeman crater is the third deepest crater in the southern half of the moon, with a diameter of 190 km and a depth of 8 km.



Roskosmos said that the data it has received so far provides information about the chemical elements in the lunar soil and would also facilitate the work of instruments designed to study the shallow surface of the moon.


 She added that her equipment recorded “a collision of minute meteorites.”


Luna-25 entered the orbit of the moon on Wednesday, the first Russian spacecraft to achieve this since 1976, and it is about the size of a small car, and it aims to work for a year on the south pole of the moon, where scientists at the US Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and other space agencies have discovered in the few years. Past traces of frozen water in the craters.


The presence of water has implications for the major space powers, as this may allow humans to extend the temporary stay of humans on the moon, enabling them to extract the resources on the moon.

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