Watch what happened between McCarthy and a Republican representative in front of journalists, “an elbow strike”

On Wednesday, the headquarters of the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC, witnessed a public altercation between the ousted House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, and Republican Representative, Tim Burchett.


According to what American media reported, Burchett accused McCarthy of elbowing him in the back while speaking to a reporter after the Republican Party conference meeting in the House of Representatives.


According to audio recordings of the incident, Burchett was heard saying to McCarthy: “Did you elbow me?”


“No, I didn’t,” McCarthy responded.


“Yes, I did. I felt it,” Burchett added.


The two deputies then traded accusations, with Burchett saying McCarthy was trying to hide the truth, and McCarthy saying Burchett was trying to discredit him.


McCarthy later denied hitting Burchett, saying: “If you punched someone in the kidneys, they’d be down.”


McCarthy added that Burchett was trying to attract attention, and that the dispute between them was just a misunderstanding.


This altercation comes at a time when the Republican Party is witnessing a state of internal division, as the extremist wing of the party is trying to control power.


McCarthy is seen as the leader of the moderate wing of the party, and has faced criticism from the hard-line wing for his management of the party during his presidency.


Some analysts believe that this altercation may increase the division within the Republican Party, and may lead to a power struggle between the extremist and moderate wings.

ahmed salem

مؤسسة مجلة كيميت الآن، حاصلة على درجة الماجستير، مؤمنة بالحريات والإنسانية، مهتمة بنشر الاخبار علي مستوي العالم ، فكما يقال أن القلم أقوى من السيف.

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