Richard Arnold: The CEO who made a huge decision about Mason Greenwood

Manchester United chief executive Richard Arnold will no doubt come under intense scrutiny over the next few weeks. The club’s handover of the ongoing Mason Greenwood case, for which Arnold bears full responsibility, has been far from smooth. While it is a difficult and murky situation, it only promises to get worse as the club continues to delay an official decision and infuriate its fan base.

But who is Richard Arnold?


Arnold, who has a financial background, took over as CEO on February 1, 2022, bringing an end to the Edward Woodward era at Old Trafford. Taking on the role marked a remarkable shift in how he worked at United. While Woodward was often heavily involved in football affairs—so much so that he often took on the sort of tasks a typical sports manager would expect to disastrous effect—Arnold largely stayed out of such arenas.


Instead, Arnold focused on the business side of the club, quickly proving himself to be a competent businessman. Under his leadership, United achieved record profits, and became one of the most commercially successful clubs in the world.


However, Arnold’s record in football affairs is less clear. He has been criticized for his inability to improve the team’s performance, as well as for his choices about coaches-managers.


Arnold’s decision to keep Mason Greenwood on the team was one of his most controversial. Greenwood is charged with rape and attempted murder, and has been suspended by United since December 2021.


Arnold has come under fire for his decision to continue allowing Greenwood to train and play for the team. He was accused of belittling Greenwood’s crimes, as well as failing to protect his victims.


So far, Arnold has not made any public comment regarding Greenwood’s case. However, it is clear that the decision he made will have a huge impact on his future at United.


If Greenwood is found guilty, Arnold could face heavy criticism for his decision to continue allowing him to remain on the team. It could also cause significant damage to United’s reputation.


However, if Greenwood is acquitted, Arnold may be able to justify his decision to still allow him to remain on the team. He may also be able to use this opportunity to further his reputation as a competent businessman.


In the end, Arnold’s decision on Mason Greenwood will be a real test of his leadership at United. If he was able to make the right decision, he might be able to improve his reputation and his future at the club. However, if he is unable to make the right decision, he may face severe consequences.

ahmed salem

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