A person breaks into a store and threatens an employee with a knife in Dublin, Ireland

A video circulating on social media shows a man threatening an employee inside a store in Dublin, Ireland. The incident reportedly took place on Sunday, 26 November 2023, in the midst of ongoing riots and protests in the city following a tragic accident.


The video footage depicts the man entering the store and approaching the employee behind the counter. He is seen brandishing a knife and making menacing gestures towards the employee, who appears visibly frightened. The employee attempts to calm the man down, but to no avail.


The video cuts off before it is clear what happens next, leaving viewers with an unsettling sense of uncertainty about the outcome of the situation. The employee’s fate remains unknown, and it is unclear whether they were harmed or not.


The incident has sparked outrage and concern among Dublin residents, who are already grappling with the aftermath of the recent accident. The city is experiencing heightened tensions and a sense of unease, further exacerbated by this latest act of violence.


The authorities are currently investigating the incident and are urging anyone with information to come forward. They are also appealing for calm and for the public to avoid spreading misinformation or rumors.

ahmed salem

مؤسسة مجلة كيميت الآن، حاصلة على درجة الماجستير، مؤمنة بالحريات والإنسانية، مهتمة بنشر الاخبار علي مستوي العالم ، فكما يقال أن القلم أقوى من السيف.

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